Thursday, June 26, 2014

iPod touch birthday card

Well...I might be 5 years too late on this one (as technology is a lot more advanced now than an "old school" iPod, which is how my husband lovingly put it), but I had fun making these iPod Touch birthday cards for my two nephews. We had a little get together to celebrate both of the boys turning 9 years (today!) and 7 years (in July). Our gift to each of them was an iTunes gift card and their favorite candy wrapped in a baggie. I did NOT come up with this punch art all on my was a CASE from Dawn Olchefske. However, I didn't have the dimensions of the actual iPod, so I think mine might be a little too short and squatty, but you get the point, right?! ;)

Directions for this punch art card can be found on Dawn's blog.

Here are the birthday boys opening up their gifts!
Happy Birthday Riley & Parker!

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