Wednesday, June 11, 2014

year end teacher luncheon

Things are super busy around here as I am wrapping up the school year with lots of school volunteer responsibilities, teacher gifts, end of year fun, and four birthday parties for the kids' friends just this week! One of the things I get to help with is the year end teacher luncheon. I partnered with a couple of my neighbors/friends to put on this fun event to bless our teachers. I call the three of us "the dream team" because we each bring something great to the table to get it to help find the caterer (she's a self-proclaimed "foodie") and one who has magic fingers with flowers and an awesome vision for table settings! I come along and fine tune the details and act as a work horse! ;)

Here are just a few things to accent the luncheon tables...

Last day of school for the kids today!!

Summer is HERE!

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