Monday, December 19, 2011

12 days of Christmas {projects} - a winner!!

Unfortunately I have not heard from my first winner and there was no way to get a hold of her because I didn't have any information with the comment she left, so I drew another winner for my 12 Days of Christmas {Projects} Giveaway!


I printed out each person's name who left a comment on this post (thank you!) and had my daughter pull one out of the box!

The new winner is...

This just so happens to be my mom, but in all fairness I TRIPLE PROMISE I did not rig the giveaway for her to win...and my daughter did not peek when she pulled the name out of the box. I must admit she was super excited to see her Grammy's name, though!
12. Anonymous said...

I love all the projects! My favorite is the looks easy and I like that candy ;)

I just wanted to thank EACH AND EVERY ONE of you for taking the time to leave comments on not only the giveaway post, but also on my other posts as well. I find joy in reading these comments and it encourages me to know that I have readers who are inspired by my work that I love! I know how busy life gets and it's tough to fit in time to leave comments while jumping from blog to blog. There is so much inspiration out there!! Thank you again and may the remainder of your Christmas season be filled with joy, happiness, love, laughter...and a little stamping, too!

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sindy said...

Thank you Heidi! For all the great ideas :) and the chance to win them.

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