Monday, July 11, 2011

new in-colors found at Home Depot!

While in Home Depot last Friday night...
What with my eyes did I happen to see?

The new Stampin' Up! In-Colors staring back at me!

{The only one missing from the tub collection was Island Indigo.}

Which new In-Color is your favorite?

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Hang in there with me...I know you haven't "seen" me much around here! I'm busy getting ready for my 1st Annual "Craft Cleanout" Sale this Friday at my home! I have 13 crafters who are looking to sell their unused crafting items in exchange for brand new Stampin' Up! catalog product. I think this event will be super fun and I look forward to hosting each year. Not only will it be a great way to "clean out" some crafting supplies I (and others) are not using, but I hope it will be a great business boost, too!


Kim said...

Those are great!! I am sure you know exactly what to do with them. I want to buy them to use, but know they will just sit on my shelf and look pretty!
Looking forward to making some money this weekend.

Andrea said...

Craziness! Home Depot and Stampin' Up! must be working together!

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