Monday, February 11, 2013

bugs and kisses on valentine's day!

I am sooooooo excited for my son's class valentines this year. I think I have one more year to be "cutesie" before he starts to get a real opinion (he's in pre-school, Jr. K). I saw this idea on Pinterest where you attach a plastic bug to a paper jar cut out and it was so cute! I looked high and low (well, honestly I probably could have looked a little harder) until I realized that there weren't any plastic bugs I thought were cute enough. Really?! Can plastic bugs even be cute??

Anyway, I knew I still wanted to go with the bug in a jar theme because Austin LOVES bugs (mostly plastic ones) and I figured it was still boy enough. I wanted to try to go the Stampin' Up! route as much as I could, so I pulled out the little jar from the Perfectly Preserved stamp set (and the coordinating framelit from the Cannery framelits) and started brainstorming. Then, one day browsing my favorite blogs, I saw this post on Becky Roberts' blog where she shared that the little jar fits perfectly inside the pretzel bags...and it all suddenly came together!

I called up my mom because I knew she had the retired Bugs & Kisses stamp set and once I had the set in my hands, I got to work and this is what came together...


The jar was actually a little bit smaller than what I first envisioned so the only bugs from the set that truly fit inside was the ladybug or the ant. And, since I was going for "love bugs" I opted for the red ladybug. To show you how small these came out to be, I put it next to a regular size pack of Tic Tacs to compare. Teeny tiny, but so cute!

Don't you just adore this sentiment ~ bugs and kisses!! Love it! I topped it off with a bow using retired 1/4" Real Red grosgrain...gotta use up that retired stuff sometime!

Now, since I had the "bug" part, I needed the "kisses" part, so behind the jar are chocolate kisses!!

Oh me oh my I just love when an idea comes to life!!

Just two days left to get those valentines completed!! My daughter's class valentines are up next. She's at the age where she is part of the process, so we'll be working on these together...stay tuned!


Inking Idaho said...

These are adorable Heidi! Love the bug & heart - great idea!!!

vicki said...

They turned out so cute! Glad I could help you out :)

Two Rosie Cheeks said...
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Two Rosie Cheeks said...

Very clever! Love it! tfs! ~ Chan

Patrice said...

So sweet. You are the best mum!

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