Monday, July 22, 2013

convention - day 3


The day started with some fun Holiday Catalog inspiration demonstrated on the big screen by Sara Douglass. If you don't yet have a Holiday Catalog, you must get one! It goes "live" August 1st! I will send you one for FREE, so just leave a comment or email me at

Most of the day was spent attending classes. I was too busy soaking it all in and taking notes to take many pictures! But, I did get to meet Julie Davison from Julie's Stamping Spot!!! This might have been one of the highlights of my trip. If you have been following my blog for awhile you know how inspired I get by her...her style is so much like mine! I attended a class called Building a Thriving Business. She was one of the presenters and I hung around after class just so I could meet her and say hi!

 Of course nothing like NEW products coming our way, right?! 

How about an Envelope Punch Board ~ coming soon!! This little tool will make 66 different kinds of envelopes. How awesome it that?!

Stampin' Up! also showcased their new line called "Undefined". This is a stamp carving kit where you can make your own stamps! It is available now...check out more details HERE. Each of the Convention attendees were given a kit to try out, but due to long lines I wasn't able to make my own stamp while I was there, but I already ordered the carving kit and it will be on its way soon! 

Here are some fun samples on the project display boards...

 Seriously, when Shannon West demonstrated these on stage it took her a mere matter of minutes to make her own exclusive stamps. Just look at this one of Shelli back from a picture taken in 1988. So fun! 

 And, how adorable is this?! This demonstrator created a stamp of her son's name at age 4. I can't wait to let my kids try it out to make their own "exclusive" stamp!

One of the perks of Convention was all of the FREE STUFF!! With it being the 25th Anniversary they really went all out in giving away lots and lots of product! Andrea and I were told on numerous occasions not to expect this every time! Everyone had a color wrist band and when they showed your color up on the big screen after a drum roll, you won! The anticipation was so fun each time! It wasn't until the end of the day on Saturday, but I finally won prize patrol!

I can't share yet what I won since it's items from the new Holiday Catalog coming out August 1st. However, what makes this picture even more funny is that I actually didn't end up keeping these goodies I am holding. On my way out I was asked by another demo if I wanted to trade and I happily obliged. I'll show you my trade later as it also was in the Holiday Catalog. Just think HALLOWEEN!!

At the very end of the session, Shelli had one more big announcement that everyone was going home with a PARTY FAVOR! Sparks flew and there was excitement everywhere!

It was so funny to watch the whole place go wild for free stamps!

 We all got the Yippee-Skippee stamp set!

Overall in free stuff, I counted 7 stamp sets plus other catalog product, too! What a treat! Good thing I had extra room in my suitcase!

We ended the evening eating at the Cheesecake Factory with some fellow Oregonians and walked through the Salt Lake City mall, which was GORGEOUS!!

Such an AMAZING trip and I plan to be back next year! After attending Convention, I ask myself...why haven't I gone before?!

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I made your blog!! :) You are just too sweet! I'm so glad you found me!

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