Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Tip - storing 12x12 paper

Just a quick post today (tonight) for my Tuesday Tip! I was gone all weekend and you know how that works when coming home already behind on things...playing catch up is quite the task!

I love Stampin' Up! DSP (Designer Series Paper). I'm pretty picky, however, when it comes to buying it. I don't want to be too overwhelmed with choices (kind of like my embellishments I shared last week), but there are often days I say "I wish I had that paper!" I have a certain taste in the patterns of my paper, and often I don't go outside the box. I'm trying to work on that, but I also want to have paper in my supply that I KNOW I will use!

I love these 12x12 paper holders. Stampin' Up! sells them for $7.95 and you can purchase 4 dividers separately at $5.95, (the ones you see below in the pictures are a little bit bigger than the ones SU! sells, but I purchased these before I became a demonstrator). These are the perfect holders for storing 12x12 DSP and saving yourself from all those bent corners! I personally would love to own a rack where I could lay my 12x12 paper and have it all displayed on the walls, but that's only in my dreams! For now, I'm content on this method to help save on a little room...and it works for me. I'm already noticing that I will be needing another one soon!

Of course, labels are a must so that you are able to find the right paper just that much quicker!

Another tip I have just discovered is to keep the DSP in its clear plastic packaging that it comes in. Not only will it help save you on those bent corners, but then you are able to put the scraps right inside and it will help contain them...because we know how we keep every little scrap!

Also...because I love to coordinate, I make sure I have the names of the cardstock colors that coordinate with the DSP in the package written on the back of the thin cardboard piece that comes behind the sheets of paper. This will help you quickly find the coordinating color without having to thumb through the catalog to see what's listed there, especially if the DSP has retired. Then you won't have to go finding the correct catalog it can be found in.

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Disclaimer: Many of the "Tuesday Tips" I share each week have been gathered through my experience as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and crafter. I do not necessarily claim any of them as my original idea (unless it really is!), but rather things that I have seen here and there through blogging, surfing the web, attending events, and such. If there is a specific idea I have seen and want to share, I will be sure to give credit where credit is due. Hope you enjoy my "Tuesday Tips"!


vicki said...

Great tip! Then of course I love reading your blog. ;)
Love ya!

paperpotter said...

Great tips, and even if they aren't original to you, you have made it conveniently available to us here, in one spot! TFS, Celia

Kelli said...

I like the idea of keeping it in the packaging. I have a 12x12 container where I keep it but sometimes they get all mixed up. Love the labels.

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