Monday, July 27, 2015

Letting Go & Holding On

Hi Friends & Stampers!'s been exactly 53 days since I have last posted on my blog.

School let out, summer began, and my priorities shifted to being more present with my family. So many of you can relate to this thing called FINDING BALANCE. I am openly honest about the fact that I am not good at it. Like...really. Not. Good. So, instead of learning how to find the right balance, I just ignored the bits and pieces of my life that were becoming a little too much. And, unfortunately stamping and blogging got the short end of the stick.

Fast forward a bit to last Wednesday where I flew into Salt Lake City, Utah to attend Stampin' Up!'s Annual Convention. I was banking on those four days to be filled with motivation, inspiration, and just enough umph to get me back into the creative mojo that I had been missing!

Was I inspired? Yes! Was I motivated? Yes! Did I come away confused as where I wanted to take my role as a creative soul? Yes!

I don't have the answers today {darn it!} and I know I won't have the answers tomorrow, either. But...I do know that life is about living it and not regretting it. So, in the meantime as I dig deep to figure out what's right for me at this season in my life I will continue to take value in knowing that I was born for the will to inspire and create. Which path this knowledge will take me on? I have yet to discover, but I do know I am ready to find out!

On my last day at Convention during a Leadership training we listened to a dynamic key note speaker. Her name was Jenna Glover and she spoke on the subject of "Living an Energy Efficient Life". Man, did this bring up all sorts of emotions, thoughts...and tears. As she wrapped up her inspiring message, she ended up with sharing this quote:

What do I have in my life that I am holding onto that it might be time to let go so that I can live life without running on empty? This will be the soul-searching question I am hoping to find the answer to sooner than later. Because I am ready for something to change.

Thank you for taking the time to care. For waiting patiently for me to come back and share with you again. For checking in on me (thanks Tricia!) to see if all is well because you have missed my posts. It's because of people like you who read my blog (even though I may not know it) and truly miss seeing the things I share. This is what makes me hold onto this little piece of my life. Simply put. Thank you.

I do have so many fun things to share with you about Convention! And as I gather together my "bazillion" pictures...I will sprinkle you with a little bit of inspiration here and there. In the meantime, if you are good with Facebook, you can find me there and like my business page to keep up-to-date! I am hoping to start a group soon which will be a little more personal and interactive. Is that something you would enjoy? Feel free to leave me a comment to let me know, if so!

Blessings for you all in this coming week!

{My friend Terri & I enjoying a photo op at Convention!}


Mary said...

Heidi, I think that we all come to a point in time when we wonder if we want to continue on this stamping path, but only you know what is best for you and your family. Good luck on whatever decision you make and I have enjoyed your creations for awhile now.

Sandy England said...

Heidi, I too enjoy your work I had to make some very difficult decisions in the past and I did make the right decision. I am grateful now to know I have no regrets. However, they were not the easy decisions just the right ones. Good luck in what you decide. I wish you the best.

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